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How to Write Media Releases

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For those reasons, it's imperative to learn the building blocks of how to write a press release before you start submitting your releases to the media. Otherwise, you'll start getting a reputation that you're an amateur and your press releases will be ignored.

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How to write a media release If you have news about your business which may be of interest to the media, distributing a media release is a tactic you should consider.

A media release (or press release) is a statement which announces your news and is distributed to multiple media outlets at one time. Business Scoop provides news and views on Business and Markets from New Zealand. Sep 08,  · Media release should be duplicate, 1 copy in body of email, 2nd copy attached in a seperate PDF file Include all contact information and follow up with a phone call to receiving editor a day later Best of luck creating an engaging media release for your Business!

How to write a media release nzx
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